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Halfway There!

As I sit here sipping on my fourth smoothie of the week long challenge, I feel fantastic! And I want to share that feeling with all of you!

A few readers have asked some questions about green smoothies since I mentioned I was part of a challenge to drink one a day for a week. So, here's the low-down:

Green smoothies incorporate some sort of leafy green vegetable in them. Sounds gross, right? Wrong! You can't even taste it - I swear!

They're loaded with the stuff that's good for you and you can pack a lot of veggies and fruit into a single glass. I mentioned in my last recap post that I've been adding ground flax seed to pump up the drink.

I find that kicking my day off with a healthy smoothie gets me motivated like none other. I log my drinks using MyFitnessPal and can see just how little calories I'm drinking {vs. the coffee drinks that sometimes start my days} and I want to continue that throughout the day. It encourages me to make smart choices!

I've noticed that I'm less bloated and feel better about myself when I drink a green smoothie on a regular basis. I swear that my stomach is flatter now, even on only the 4th day!

I never ever thought I'd be drinking carrots and spinach for breakfast... much less loving it. You should try a green smoothie, too! Here's the basics:

Grab a blender, spinach, fruits/veggies, milk or milk substitute {I love almond milk because it tastes great and is only 15 calories for 1/2 a cup}, and some plain yogurt.

Toss the spinach, milk, and yogurt into the blender and turn that baby on! Your smoothie will quickly take shape a turn a yummy green color - hence, the name.

Once that's smooth enough, add your frozen fruit {or just add ice if you're using fresh fruit!}, veggies, and any extras {like flax powder, honey, protein powder, stevia, etc.}. Blend that until smooth, and...



  1. carrot and apples make the most amazing juice combo!

  2. I drink smoothies every morning and I always throw spinach in them! They don't always turn green because the fruit outweighs the spinach, but the spinach is in there and it's great :)

  3. You really can't taste the green?!

  4. i'm going to have to try this out. i love shakes and hate veggies so if you can't taste the green then this obviously will be my life saver..

  5. i have a green smoothie i make with spinach, yogurt, frozen strawberries and milk and it is soooo good! also a good healthy smoothie is with peanut butter, milk, ice, and yogurt!

  6. I really want to try this but my tummy is sooo weird about things that I don't know if I could.



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