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Needing an update...

While this colorful, floral blog design is barely six months old, it's really lacking. I hate to say it because I love the colors and the pattern, but I am in need of a design update!

So if I love my current design, why do I need a new one? Simple. This one doesn't show the whole picture anymore. I have an Instagram account {follow me @trisaratoppz} that I'd love to add to my social media buttons and I have a Bloglovin account that I wish I could share with you on the right hand side of the screen as well.
{Follow my blog with Bloglovin}

What's a girl to do? Guess I'm on the hunt for a new design that fits my needs. If you know of someone who can help me out, let me know!

Since I'll be starting out fresh, what are some aspects of other blogs you love that you wish you could see here at You.And.Me.Are.We? Is there anything you would like me to incorporate into the new design to make it more user friendly? What about anything you wish I wouldn't transfer over to the new design?

check this out!


  1. You definitely need to check out Sarah Darr!

    My design from her will be live next week on Tuesday but until then, here's her design website:

  2. Glad to see you back on the blogging horse, lady! :) You should check out my blog designer's site-

    Plus, all the proceeds from her design business go straight to her and her husband's adoption fund- a good cause! :)

    She has also been awesome to work with- even helping me with some tweaks to my blog design now (like 3 months later!).

  3. That's funny I'm right in the middle of redesigning my own blog. This will be my first design so I'm a bit nervous about how it may turn out. Before I decided to do it myself I saw a lot of people on Etsy offering pretty reasonably priced templates. Maybe you'll find someone there.

    Good luck!


  4. I am in the same boat so I am so glad you wrote up this post. Going to check out the people that have commented above. I thought about designing it myself but then looked into some things and decided it would WAY too much work.

  5. kv's confessions is really good!you should check her out!

    Bea =)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Bea! I'll check her out :)

  6. I see you've gotten a lot of suggestions already, but here's another one: Aubrey from The Kinch Life Designs. She's amazing! She just did my re-design before Christmas.


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