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High Five For Friday

It's that time again!

 If you follow me on Instagram {@trisaratoppz, come follow along!} you saw this picture yesterday. You'll have to check out IG for the backstory, but it made my day - no it made my week :)

Last Sunday, I spent a handful of hours at Starbucks drinking something frothy and working through some tough times with an old friend. Lately, so many friends have had difficulties in their marriages and relationships. So sad.

Wisconsin is very blah in the winter. I snapped this on a particularly boring stretch of road.!

Fell in love with this amazing salad dressing. Not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to drink it after I tasted it for the first time, it's that good.

We spent a few hours at Trevor's uncle's house last weekend for our annual post-Christmas bash. He pulls out all the stops when he decorates for Christmas, like the one he has in his hallway above. Each bedroom houses a tree that's just as extravagant and the largest tree of all goes in the living room. He decorates the mantles, the end tables, the dining tables, the shelves, the couches, the chairs, the walls, the doors, and everything in between. His house has been in magazines, that's how amazing it is! Christmas just isn't the same without eating dinner surrounded by family in a house that's decked out.

How was your week?!

check this out!


  1. Wow Trevor's Uncle's house sounds amazing. That tree is gorgeous!

  2. WOah that's awesome and alot of work for him! :)

  3. Ooooo! I gotta try that dressing!!!

    Clicked over from hf4f on FMGD!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle


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