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Winter Blues

I mentioned it last week, but I've got a bad case of the winter blues. Actually, I've had a bad case since November or December but was able to keep the nagging in the back of my head. You see, we went to a resort in Ocho Rios on our honeymoon and we can't wait to go back. However, we are also trying to save money to pay for nursing school, other student loans, and we want to save enough money for a really nice down payment on a house... which means we aren't going back for at least another two years. So that nagging wasn't too loud...until now.

Now, the beach is calling my name louder than ever and I check prices to Jamaica at least once a day.

Yup. Every.Single.Day. Told you I was obsessed.

In an effort to calm myself and pretend Trevor and I will be packing our bags and hopping on a plane to warmer climates soon, I have been making packing lists and thinking about what I would take with me.
Don't judge! A girl can dream, can't she?

With a little help from Polyvore, I bring you my beach must haves!
Vacation2 by youandmearewe featuring bandeau bikinis

Make sure you take more than one swimsuit with you on your vacation to the beach. Nobody likes to put on a wet suit first thing in the morning and I can promise you that your bikini will not dry out overnight because paradise is humid. You will spend more time in your swimwear than wearing anything else, so don't skimp out on these. Also important? Take as many bikinis as you want, but also take a one piece for a day you may be more active - especially if you head on excursions.

Take a beach bag that's big enough to hold a lot of stuff. If you're super smart, you'll use it at your personal carry on item on the plane and save yourself some room in your luggage for more swimsuits!

You'll need a brightly colored cover up. I like the purple one above from Victoria's Secret. It's super easy to put on and looks tropical.

Speaking of tropical, don't forget to take a long, flowy dress! You will want to wear it to dinner or in the evening but you can also use it as a cover up in a pinch.

Make sure you pack your sandals! Take a comfy pair that can be worn on the beach and with your dresses so that you don't over pack.

You've gotta have enough sunscreen and lip balm to last you all week. This is one thing you can't skimp out on! Protect your skin - you don't want to get burned and you certainly don't want to get skin cancer. You'll still come home from the beach with a tan even if you use SPF.

The same goes for your sunglasses. Protect your eyes!

Last, but certainly not least, make sure your toes and fingers are painted with gorgeous colors! You'll be taking lots of pictures {toes in the sand, anyone?} so you'll want them to look their best. My picks are a bright happy fuchsia for toes and a nude for fingers.

Beach packing doesn't require a lot of bulky items. My husband and I like to travel carry-on only and it's completely doable when heading to the beach!

What are your must-haves for vacation and traveling? 
And please, for the love of Pete, tell me any ideas you have to get rid of my intense need to go on vacation!

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  1. That purple coverup is awesome, I may need that haha.


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