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Our Week in Paradise - Honeymoon in Jamaica

July 12 - Talk about a favorite vacation you have taken.

I have been looking forward to today's post since... forever. Or, well, it seems like forever.

This is the most perfect quote for this post because it cannot be closer to the truth - especially when it comes to the vacation I'm bragging about today.

Trevor and I took a trip in June 2011 to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We spent a glorious week at Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios and missed it the moment we landed back home in Milwaukee... no, I take that back. We missed it the moment we got on the bus to go to the airport to come home!

The resort is all-inclusive which means that all the alcohol you could want to drink is included and {even better} all of the food we wanted to stuff our faces with was included as well! The food was completely incredible and we had a hard time adjusting to making our own food once we got back home.

From the moment we walked into the lobby, we were relaxed. We got off the shuttle bus from the airport and were handed a warm cloth and a cold drink.

After checking in, scheduling our dinners and {complimentary} honeymoon couples massage, we were taken to our room overlooking the ocean. This was our view from our room - tell me you wouldn't love it!

The resort has an island accessible by boat that is used as an au natural sun bathing spot during the day and holds weddings during sunset and at night. Can you imagine just how gorgeous it would be to get married on that island?! I'm swooning just thinking of it!

We spent plenty of time lounging on the beach. We'd get up in the morning, go to breakfast {or have room service delivered - included!}, and head to the beach or a pool. Then, we'd eat a "first lunch" and find a new place to sunbathe. Early in the afternoon, we'd eat a "second lunch" and then find another lounge chair until it was time to get ready for dinner. It's a wonder I didn't come back 20 pounds heavier just by eating our "first" and "second" lunches everyday!

We ventured away from the resort once - to visit Dunn's River Falls {an excursion that was included} - and oh my goodness, was it a great time! We climbed a waterfall with a big group of people from our resort and enjoyed every second of it. The guides stopped us a few times on our way up to take photos of every couple. Here's the {awkward} photo they snapped of us!

We met and became friends with two other couples who were also on their honeymoons. One couple, from South Dakota, are expecting their first baby this year and we couldn't be happier for them! The other couple, from Indiana, is the couple that we're visiting this month in Chicago. We also met up with them in Wisconsin Dells right after Christmas so it's been far too long since we've seen them! The six of us enjoyed a particularly humid evening jumping from one pool to a hot tub to another pool... until it was waaay past our bedtimes. Such amazing memories! We have a great time together and Trevor and I are lucky to have found such fast friends {and wedding date twins} while on vacation!

Trevor and I want to go back as soon as we can afford to spend four thousand dollars on something other than student loans or saving for a house. As I mentioned in this post, I sometimes miss Jamaica so much that I could cry. I miss us being able to spend a whole week together without worrying about jobs or grocery shopping or laundry or cooking.

Tell me about your favorite vacation you've taken!

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  1. What a wonderful vacation! A warm towel and cool drink as you get off the bus...multiple lunches...massages.

    Between these things, the incredible view you had from your room, and no wonder you miss it! I think it would be $4K well spent. I know I would love to go there after reading what you wrote.

  2. We had our honeymoon in Jamaica, too! Back in 1997... but we were in Ocho Rios, climbed Dunn's River Falls, ate too much food... all sounds so familiar. :)

  3. What a fun honeymoon! I feel you on the wanting a vacation the second you get back. I feel like the more I go on vacation the more I need one! Just found your blog and have loved looking around and getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  4. Our resort in Puerto Rico had their own island too! It was so incredible. We would catch the ferry over almost every day. Even saw a few celebrities there since a celebrity golf tournament was being hosted at the resort's golf course our last weekend there. ;)

  5. Bonnie - thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed everything you read! Looking forward to "seeing" you around here :)

    Carrie - I'm jealous of your adventure not only because it was in Puerto Rico, but because you got to see celebrities! Who'd you see?

  6. Jamaica is such a beautiful spot. It looks like you guys had a really great time.

  7. Love your post and your pictures! They take me back to a little place I like to call "home". I'm sure you know what I mean! CTI <3


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