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Holiday Traditions

July 6 - What is a holiday tradition you have in your family?

It's a little weird to talk about Christmas when it's hot and humid outside, but alas, such is the case today.

Trevor and I haven't had much time as a family to call anything a 'tradition', but we do partake in a fun tradition with my brother at Christmastime.

See, my mom has always loved gingerbread houses... and she has always been the force behind having us kids make one {or two} in the weeks leading up to Christmas. A few years ago Trevor joined in too and added to the fun!

We're usually less than enthusiastic about the houses until we get started making them. The past few years my mom has pre-made the gingerbread, cut it out, and has 'glued' it into the house shape so that we only have to decorate.

Then - here's the best part - we go shopping for lots of candy. Lots. Of. Candy. We make sure to get stuff to make 'trees', 'fences', 'Christmas lights', and 'wreaths'... but then we also just throw a bunch of random stuff into the cart and 1) eat it while making the houses and 2) make up the uses for the candy as we go.
We end up really enjoying the houses and my mom loves to have them on display when we have company over for the holiday.

I'm sure we'll keep making houses until our kids are old enough to take over the tradition... and then we'll still help eat the candy!

What holiday traditions do you have?

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  1. Awwwww... gingerbread houses are so cute! I actually decorate my whole kitchen in gingerbread for Christmas. ;)
    Oh, and I didn't go the Christmas holiday tradition route in my post today. ;)

  2. We always make GB houses too ~ did you make those? They are amazing! I love them!

  3. My little was two young last year to make these, but this year I all for trying to make one!


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