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When the Power Goes Out

July 18 - 5 things to do when the power goes out. - from Janelle at Domestically Seasoned

We've been pretty lucky where I live this summer. The power has gone out once - and that was during a big storm. It came back on in time for us to make dinner, so it hardly even counts!

However, my parents's house has had the power out a few more times than we have - and for much longer. The same night that our power went out because of the big storm, theirs went out for the whole night.

I can't even begin to imagine what it was like on the East Coast earlier this summer when they didn't have power for days upon days. Can you imagine how horrible fridges must have smelled after that? Intense heat with no power is not something I'd like to experience, thank you very much.

Is it just me or does time seem to go slower when there's no power? Here are five things I like to do when the power is out to make time pass quicker.

1) If it's not too hot out, get outside and go for a walk! Trev and I have tried running together and it wasn't so awesome. Now, we walk so that we can talk about our days while getting exercise.

2) Read a book. A REAL book. Not a textbook for school, not a magazine, not an e-book. A book with pages and ink and story line that just sucks you in!

3) Take a nap... or go to sleep altogether. There is never enough sleep in my daily routine. I'll take a couple extra hours if I can get them!

4) Play cards by candlelight. Trevor and I like to play Uno in bed. Don't ask me why; we'll play it sitting in the living room, too, but for some reason the cards always end up back in the nightstand. It's a nice way to wind down before bed and the game is simple enough that we can carry on a discussion while we play.

5) If all else fails and you're still bored out of your skull, make a fort. You are NEVER too old to rearrange the living room, drape sheets and blankets over everything, and sleep on the floor. Never too old!

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  1. my son loves making forts....even when the power is on!

  2. My parents didn't have power for 5 days after that storm a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, they had a generator to keep the fridge & a fan running! I love the fort idea! :)

  3. I love the fort idea. You really are never to old!

  4. I love the fort idea too! Wish I'd thought of this when our power was out for a few days. The kids would have loved hanging out in a fort with a flashlight :)

  5. Ugh, the thought of a smelly fridge is not pleasant. Oh, and having to clean it once the power is back on. I wonder if you ever completely get rid of the smell.


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