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Sunday Social

I came across this fun link up party this past week hosted by A Complete Waste of Makeup. I thought it would be fun to do it every once in awhile!

Sunday Social
This week's questions are all about travel {& you all know it's one of my most favorite things to do!}.

Best trip you've ever been on
If you read my post from last Thursday, you know how much I loved our honeymoon to Jamaica. If you haven't read the post, go here and do it now!

Best idea for a girls weekend trip
I'd love a girl's weekend to a spa! There's a great one in Wisconsin Dells that I've never been to but has been recommended to me. It's called Sundara.

Best idea for a couples trip
While I'm tempted to use my answer from the first question, I also think it would be great to take a road trip with another couple or two. How fun would it be to drive down American highways with the windows down and the music up singing along with great friends?!

Best vacation on the cheap

I love taking weekend trips to Chicago. For us, it's easy to hop on a train from Milwaukee to Chicago and find a hotel to stay in for the weekend. We usually end up hanging out in the parks, doing a little shopping, hanging at Oak Street Beach, and walking everywhere!

Place you most want to visit
I wanted to go to Greece for our honeymoon until we realized we wouldn't be able to take enough time off of work - not to mention that it costs an arm and a leg to get plane tickets to Europe! Either way, I will die happy if I ever make it to this gorgeous place!

Vacation/Travel necessities
Traveling with my husband is pretty darn great so I'd say he's probably a necessity - unless it's a girls' trip ;)
Lots of dresses to wear, comfortable clothes to put on at the end of a long {relaxing} day, and a relaxed state of mind are all vacation/travel necessities.

Now, if only I could get a vacation booked!

Here's a link straight to the Sunday Social party!


  1. I'd die to go to Greece!

    come say hello at

    have a wonderful day!

  2. Such a fun link up for Sundays :) I think a road trip would be so fun with another couple!

  3. Just stumbled your blog from the Sunday linkup! I am SO jealous of your honeymoon to Jamaica! I think taking a couples vaca would be amazing & soo much fun! If I had an unlimited budget and amount of money, I would LOOVE to travel to Greece (unfortunately, I don't, so Greece would not be an option right now... BUUUT, SOMEDAY!!!!)

  4. Let's all just pack up and go to Greece!

    Thanks for stopping by, lovelies!


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