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Wind Farms

July 27- Write up something about an alternative energy source.

A little known fact about Wisconsin is that our energy companies are required to have at least 10% of the energy they sell come from renewable sources by 2015. I'm all in favor of renewable energy - so much so that I think the 10% is too low! I'd love to see 40-50% of the energy come from renewable sources in the next few years - heck, how about ALL of it coming from renewable sources?!

There are a few areas within day-trip driving distance of our home that have "wind farms". That is, where there are communities in the country that have tens of windmills {more precisely, 168 in six towns in one county} strategically placed out of the flight paths of birds and bats. The energy is piped into the grid and sold to homes and businesses just like non-renewable energy.

I've always agreed with green energy, specifically wind energy. Using wind to create energy seems like one of our best options for a sustainable future because wind is not taken away when it is used to make energy. Therefore, the same wind can be used to turn many, many wind turbines and create more energy than a finite resource like coal or natural gas.

What are your thoughts about renewable energies? How do you feel about windmills and wind-produced power?

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  1. That's interesting that they can place them in such a way that they aren't in the migration paths of birds and bats. Didn't realize that that much thought went into where they were placed. I'm glad they do look at things like that. It's a win-win for everyone (and thing) involved.

  2. I posted about wind power too.... and beer! lol! ;)

  3. I also posted about wind power. We've got a ton of them on the mountain right here in town.

  4. Too bad wind is so unreliable, or we could use it in a much higher percentage. New Mexico is looking to ship wind provided energy to other states.


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