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Winning the Lottery

July 20 - What would you do with the money if you won the lottery? - from Sara-Jayne at Keep Up With the Jones Family

Oh how I have thought about this question many, many times.

Trevor and I talk about it all the time.

Let's just say we won... oh, I don't know, $1,000,000... just for fun. That's not asking too much, right?! PowerBall jackpots get up into the tens of millions of dollars all the time so one measly million isn't crazy :)
First, we'd pay off all of our student loans. We've got a hefty chunk of money coming out of our accounts every month just for school payments. It'd be great to get out of debt!
Then, we'd buy new cars since ours aren't from the past decade. They run just fine, but I'd like something that I could drive without wondering the back of my head if it's going to make it through the winter.

We'd also buy a house. Nothing too big or anything - just something we could be comfortable in a raise a family in without having to move when we have kids and need more room.
Next, we'd take a vacation. I wasn't kidding when I said I need to get my butt back to Jamaica! Maybe we'd even go to my dream destination to mix it up a little!

Finally, the rest of the money would go straight into our bank accounts and collect interest.

We've got a plan... now we just need to win the money!

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  1. Oh gosh we can dream can't we!!! I would def. buy a house maybe some land and invest some of that for sure.. In lalala land now lol
    P.s. I'm your newest follower =D

  2. I went with a million too, lol! Not too greedy, but enough to get some some stuff done. ;)

  3. heck, I'd be happy with a half a million....could still do some damage with that!

  4. Oh, wow. I love the house! I would be so happy to live in a place like that and pull up my new car, bulging with laughing children... especially if the housekeeper has the place sparkling perhaps even with dinner in the oven or crockpot!


    Always love reading your posts!!


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