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High Five For Friday

Today is the last Friday of July. Someone please tell me where the heck the month went!? I dislike August because it's hot and it means that summer is almost over. I'm all about preserving July! Gotta make the next few days count!

So what are my top five from this past week? Glad you asked.

1) We spent last weekend with some great friends. We met Keith and Holly on our honeymoon in Jamaica while they were also on their honeymoon. Turns out, we got married on the same day! It's almost scary how similar they are to us. Like, cue-the-spooky-music similar.

2) Trevor and I met up with Keith and Holly in Chicago. We had a lovely time walking around downtown on Friday night! The four of us visited Navy Pier, ate way too much at Grand Lux, and bought the yummiest popcorn at Garrett's. I love Chicago! If I were living the single life, I'd make every effort to live there, I swear.
And just like that, #4 is checked off the Summer Bucket List! So happy we got to hang around Chicago, but next time we're staying for longer!

3) Saturday was spent on Lake Michigan hangin' at the beach. Trev got some nasty sunburn {like always} even with sunscreen, but it was totally worth it and the beach was beautiful!

4) I'm working on decluttering our house. We never really got the chance to go through all of our stuff when we got married and combined households so we're doing it bit by bit. This week I tackled the kitchen, being the brave soul that I am, and while it's still not perfect it's a heck of a lot better than before! We don't need old pots and pans that we used in college. We're married adults now and have much nicer stuff - so why do we keep the crappy stuff around if we never use it? Well, it's gone now!

5) Trevor and I bought a patio set on clearance. There's still plenty of time this summer to use it and we're hoping that we will be able to have the whole extended family over in the next few weeks as a very late housewarming party. The only family that has seen our humble abode is our immediate families, so a bit of a party is much overdue! We wanted to get a patio set earlier in the season but I'm so glad we waited until now because we scored a great deal!

Cheers and happy Friday!



  1. Just found your blog through Lauren's link up! :) I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more! xoxo

  2. Hi Sara! Stopping by from the link-up today.

    Chicago is for the most part awesome. I moved here two years ago and I'm still loving it. However, it's definitely not a place I want to live forever and raise a family. Isn't Garrett's popcorn the most addictingly yummy popcorn ever? I bought some for my boyfriend recently, and I think I ate the entire bag myself. Oops!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Hi ladies! Thanks for visiting :)

    Shelby, I'm definitely jealous that you live in Chicago! I wish I could live that kind of life - even if only for a year. The Garrett's popcorn we bought last week is gone... and I miss it. Which means we're just going to have to go back and get some more! We love the Chicago mix (caramel and cheese) but I think I could eat just the caramel popcorn forever, too.


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