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July 2 - Share a poem you've written or just one you like.

I'm not a great poet. Really, I'm not. Most of you would agree with me if I posted a poem of mine, trust me.

Because I'd like to spare you that experience, I want to share someone else's poetry with you. His name is Adam Hambrick and he's a singer/songwriter and I discovered his amazing skills when Trevor made me a mixed CD (yep, we still do that!) with one of Adam's songs, I Would Never, on it.

It's been my favorite song now for months upon months and I even have some of the lyrics printed and framed in our bathroom. The song speaks to me so much and is a good reminder to love Trevor with every ounce of my being. We're newlyweds just trying to find a good work-life-spouse balance while struggling through school and trying to pay the bills. When I turn up this song in my car going down the highway, I am reminded why I go to work on the bad days, why I want to work my butt off at school, and {most importantly} why I made a lifelong commitment to my husband.

Strong like iron, the vows we took that April,
Calm through fire, I won’t rattle I’m unshakable, 
So put your little hand in mine, I’ll take you farther
Than you thought you’d ever go in your entire life,
My sweet, sweet wife,

So tell me all you dream about whenever I’m away,
I’ll bust my knuckles, break my back to see you get your way,
I won’t always do things right, but I can promise bold,
Whatever offers made on my heart, to you its long been sold,

And it’s an old familiar tune,
One that our dads and our moms held to,
Times get hard but I won’t be moved,
Cause I would never do that to you,

I can't get enough of Adam; not that I've ever met him but he seems like a down to earth kind of guy. Like any of my friends. Easy going.

He's on Facebook and WordPress if you want to hear and see more :) I promise you won't regret it.

This post is part of the Summer Blog Challenge. To see more posts inspired by the challenge visit my Summer Blog Challenge page!


  1. Beautiful. My post wasn't necessarily a traditional poem either, but it was also inspired by my marriage to my husband. If you ask me, songs are poetry set to music. <3


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