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Roughing It

July 28- When was the last time you "roughed it"? Submitted by Kristen @ KtMoxie

Yeahhhhh. I'm not the "roughing it" type... the last time I roughed it was probably the last time I was forced to go camping with my little brother and my dad. I'd guess I was around 15.

The "roughest" that I now get is sleeping in a crappy hotel... which has only happened once. It was the first night of our honeymoon and we were forced to find a hotel near the airport to try and sleep for 3 hours before our flight left at 5am. The hotel we were supposed to stay at lost our reservation and wasn't willing to work with us to right it... so we had to stay at another place.

Hey, on the bright side, we didn't get any bedbugs from the crappy hotel!

When was the last time you roughed it?

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  1. I like everything but sleeping in the wild part of camping. The boys so want to go tent camping before the summer is over, but I have this irrational fear of bear attacks... and serial killers, lol. ;)

  2. Funny, when I was younger, I hated camping and now that I have my own little family, we love it. My hubby also does a better job making things go smoothly and doing all the actual work and growing up with a single mom, we didn't have that.

  3. Ew... sometimes nasty hotels are worse off then camping. At least I know the bugs that are crawling on me wont be going home with me.

  4. Yes, I agree. Going to a crappy hotel can be the same as camping!


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