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Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was wonderful :) We had great weather in Wisconsin which made everything great - even if I did have to work.

If you didn't know, I'm working on a blog redesign with a very patient woman - I think we've exchanged close to 100 emails about the design and we're only halfway done! I'm loving the way it's turning out and I think you will too. It's going to reflect 'me' a lot more than YAMAW does right now; I'm pumped! Keep your eye peeled - changes are a comin'! And good changes, at that.

As part of the revamping, I thought I'd take this opportunity to start a Facebook page for You.And.Me.Are.We. I think I'll be able to reach more people this way and it's a social media that I'm more comfortable with than Twitter. I have high hopes that you'll all head there right now and 'like' the page!

Go on, click here... you know you want to! Join me on Facebook and stay up to date with You.And.Me.Are.We!

See you over there :)

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  1. I can't get myself to add a Facebook page. I'm not sure why. BUT I will be liking yours! Excited!

    Amanda @ weandserendipity.


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