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High Five For Friday

Hey there! Hope all is well for you!

Another week is done and it's time for a H54F!

My top five from this week:

1) Last weekend we went to a family reunion in Central Wisconsin. It was so nice to reconnect with family members we hadn't seen in two years! Plus, we got to dip our toes in a beautiful lake :)

2) The cake at the reunion was not only delicious, it was decorated to make my family look like alcoholics. I kid... kind of. We're not alcoholics but we may have had to run to the liquor store at the reunion because our keg ran dry.

3) Watching NY Med on Tuesday night. I love medicine and health care so this new show is right up my alley. I'll be watching every week! On a related note, this week I accepted another position at work - in the Emergency Room. So I'll be working both there and in my current role on the Ortho floor - yay!

4) I finally got a You.And.Me.Are.We Twitter account up and running! I'd been meaning to do it for weeks but it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. And this is where I need your help: follow me (@YouAndMeAreWe) on Twitter and chances are I'll follow you back!

5) Seeing this on one of our day trips. Wisconsin isn't usually this podunk, but this post sure is making it look like it is! I must have found all the little gems in one week :)

5.5) {Yes, five and a half... but face it, #2 was kind of lame, so this'll make up for it!} I wrote a guest post for chanel & chocolate cake that'll go up next week. I'm a) proud that I got my post done so far ahead of time and b) super excited for you all to see what I wrote! Check back here next Wednesday for more details and to see what's in my bag!

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  1. that was such a beautiful lake! i've never been to one. :(
    i followed you in twitter!
    found you in h54f and is following you via GFC now. i hope you can drop by my blog and find something you'd be interested about. :)

    jen @


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