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A Little Bit of Organizing

We have a drawer in our bathroom that holds basically everything we use on a daily basis.

Hair brush.
Booby pins.
Drawer lining crumpled up in the back.
Crap ton of hair that came out of said brush.

You know the drawer. Come on, I can't be the only one with a mish mash drawer!

And because our bathroom is so small, we only have that one drawer to use.
For the two of us.

Which means we basically just throw everything into the drawer when we want it out of the way.

So when I saw these at the Dollar Tree the other day, I couldn't help myself. I got one pack of long containers and one pack of square containers. Total cost: $2. Say whaa?

I started with a drawer full of crap useful things we use on a daily basis. Then I dumped it all out, sorted through it, vacuumed out all of the hair, and loaded it all back into the drawer - in an organized fashion, of course!

Here's the "before"!
It kind of makes me want to play the "I spy, with my little eye" game.
I spy, with my little eye, 3 things of floss. Why in the world do we need three things of floss in one drawer when we really never floss anyways?!?!

And then the "after", with the plastic bins:

Much better, right?! And I don't know what was better - the fact that it only cost $2 to achieve, or Trevor's reaction to finally having an organized drawer!

Do you have any organization tips? What about using products from the dollar store to spiff up your home?


  1. I looove me some dollar store plastic bins! I'll be using some in this cubby-hole bookcase I have for my baby's shtuff. :)

  2. Sometimes you can find some really great little things at the dollar store!


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