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High Five For Friday

Crazy that it's August already, right?! Anyone else feel like summer just started?

I wouldn't mind if the heat backed off a little because, man, I feel like a lazy bump on a log... it's so hot out that I sweat anytime I move. So I just opt not to move, generally. It's been great for blogging {and watching the Olympics} but not so great for the dishes all over my kitchen counters that are currently waiting to be washed.

Anyway, here's another High Five For Friday comin' right atcha!

1) We harvested these little beauties from our garden this week. I love growing our own food!

2) Despite the hot temperatures, we had a cooler day on Monday so we ate outside. Who doesn't love hot dogs, corn on the cob, and a Summer Shandy? If you're not familiar with Leinies, 1) you should be and 2) Summer Shandy is a seasonal beer {for summer, obviously} that is one of the most delicious beers you'll find out there. It has lemonade mixed in it so it's pretty refreshing!

3) My dear mom brought me these flowers this week - for no reason other to say that she loves me. Isn't that sweet?! I love having such gorgeous flowers around the house - they make everything seem happier.

4) We went to a Minor League baseball game this past week with Trevor's brother and his girlfriend. It was fun to spend time with them especially because my brother-in-law is moving almost three hours away in the next couple of weeks to start his first teaching job. Very bittersweet, but we're so excited for him!
Note: Got #8 checked off the Summer Bucket List! Woohoo!

5) I am a little obsessed with school supplies. I was the kid who wanted to go shopping in mid-July and pick everything out right away... and then when I got the supplies home I rearranged them in my backpack at least once a day until school started. Believe me, folks, when I say that I get excited about school supplies, I ain't lyin'. Why did you need to know this? Well, I went to Target this week {ok, actually I went to Target THREE times this week, don't hate} and perused the aisles. I am so happy and proud to tell you I only came out with two folders {and birthday cards, shampoo, tampons, body wash, mascara, and about sixty dollars worth of other stuff}!

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  1. Have you tried Bell's Oberon? That is another fabulous summer beer. :)

    And those flowers are gorgeous! Lucky gal. ;)


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