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Dream Home {but first an announcement}

Before I get to the prompt, I'd like to explain why I didn't have a Summer Blog Challenge post yesterday. See, I've come to the conclusion to write them less often. I first started the challenge to give my readers a lot of information about me, so that they could get to know me better. After doing forty three days of Challenge posts without a day off, I think you guys have a better idea of who I am than when I started this back in June. At the same time, I think that the Summer Blog Challenge posts were starting to take over your GFC feeds and my other content - the posts with lots of meat- was falling through the cracks. So, the last four weeks of the Challenge is going to be a little different around here: you'll still see posts that are being prompted {like this one!} but you'll also start seeing other posts. I've got a few more people for you to meet and some great things I want to share with you. It's change, but it's a good change! Keep reading; stick around :) It's only going to get better!

August 2 - What's one feature you would love to have in your dream home?

My dream home is something I know quite well. I know what I like for finishes and what kind of features I want the home to have. I can't share just one - I've got a list of dreams for my home!

I love dark hardwood floors {or floors that look like dark hardwood}.
I love a beautiful, yet functional, white kitchen. Oh, that farmhouse sink! Be still my heart.
I love a shower that make me feel like I'm in a spa.
And I love a gorgeous foyer.
Check out my Future Home Wish List board on Pinterest to see what other home features I'm lusting over.

What are some must-haves in your dream home? And, hey, while you're down there commenting, let me know what you think about me reducing the amount of Summer Blog Challenge posts. Are you happy about it? Sad? I'd love to hear what you think, lovelies!

This post is part of the Summer Blog Challenge. 
To see more posts inspired by the challenge visit my Summer Blog Challenge page!


  1. The photos you chose are beautiful. That truly *would* be a dream house! The shower looks like it would be amazing.

    Your plan to adjust the rest of the Summer Blog Challenge to meet what you envision for your blog sounds great. I'll look forward to reading other things that you post about as well.

  2. That shower! wow. Nice!!

    As for the blog challenge, I agree. It has to work with you and your blog - so do it as you can! :)

  3. I absolutely love the shower! You need to do what's best for your blog. Kudos!

  4. That shower looks wonderful, I sure could use that right now.

  5. I also love the farmhouse kitchen! And that shower looks like pure heaven. :)

    I hear you about the blog challenge posts. I have been debating the exact same thing with myself on and off. I convince myself that I am going to stop doing them, and then the competitive side in me says, "No, you have already did 62 days of this! Are you REALLY going to quit now?" And then I think, no way. lol! I haven't did my post for today yet, but I figure as long as I have it published before midnight I haven't failed, right? ;)

  6. You all are so great and supportive - thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for SBC posts but get excited for what's to come!

  7. I completely understand why you didn't post yesterday. I love hardwood floors too.


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