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Summer Bucket List Recap

Remember my post way back when about our summer bucket list?
Yeah, you probably don't.
Go ahead, review it. I'll wait here.

Ok, great!
Seeing as how the summer is quickly coming to an end and school is taking over our lives once more {for hopefully the last semester for Trevor!}, I thought I'd look back at the goals we set for ourselves the past few months.
You remember how there were 8 things that Trevor and I wanted to accomplish this summer? Let's see they went.

The first was to go on a picnic. Kind of a success!
We went to a local park one night for a bit of a picnic... but it was cold and windy so we said we'd make up for it another night.
We haven't.
We have had an indoor picnic a few times this summer where we threw down a blanket and ate dinner on the floor in the living room... but it only half counts.

The second was to see a drive in movie. Success!
When we were in Indiana this summer visiting some friends, we saw the new Batman movie at a drive in. We took lots of pillows, blankets, and wine. It was a great time!

The third was to take a long bike ride together. Fail!
I don't even think Trevor has gotten on his bicycle at all this summer! In fact, I don't think we've done much healthy activity together this summer. We've been way too tired after long days at work to think about going for a run or a bike ride.
We need to work on that... yeahhhh.

The fourth was to take a trip to Chicago. Success!
We spent some time in the Windy City during our visit with our friends in Indiana. We met them downtown after taking the Amtrak from Milwaukee and spent some time eating delicious popcorn and walking around Navy Pier.

The fifth was to have a campfire. Super success!
We've had a few fires this summer. Some with my family, some just the two of us when we were on vacation. We even were able to burn old school stuff that I had been saving since middle school. Now that I'm no longer going to be a classroom teacher, I had A. LOT. of papers from college that I was more than happy to get out of my life.

The sixth was to go strawberry picking and make jam. Success!
I visited a local farm a couple months ago and enjoyed my morning picking berries. After, I came home and made some freezer jam. So good!

The seventh was to go to the Farmer's Market. Success!
I've only been to one Saturday market... but I wish I could say I've been to more. Working Saturdays hasn't really lent itself well to doing this, but I am trying very hard to go again this Saturday morning!

The eighth {and final} was to go to a minor league baseball game. Success!
Just a few weeks ago we went to a Timber Rattlers game with Trevor's brother and his girlfriend. We had a pretty great time eaing $1 hot dogs and drinking $1 beer and sodas!

Considering how busy Trevor and I have been this summer, it's a wonder that even half of these things got done. We've made up for the time we haven't had to spend together by doing a lot of fun things when we actually do have energy!

Did you do everything you wanted to do this summer?


  1. We haven't BUT, I'm hoping that we can complete ours this weekend with a trip to the horse racing track!

  2. That's great! And a trip to the horse racing track sounds so interesting - I've never been to one.


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