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Dear Future Self,

You will be grateful for all of the lost hours of sleep at this time in your life when you're enjoying life as a mom, wife, and nurse. Don't forget to keep your eyes on the prize. Just because you don't have enough time to sleep at night doesn't mean it's not worth it.

Please try to remember back to this past summer - our first full summer as a married couple. Remember all of the fun we had in Chicago, Indiana, at the cottage, and with our families.

I hope you've taken many relaxing vacations - this working full time, going to school, and blogging thing is exhausting! You need some time to recoup! If you haven't taken a vacation lately, do it soon!

Never forget how precious life is. Think of all the patients you've had with terminal illnesses. Think of all the cancer diagnosis blows you've helped soften. Think of all the families who have hugged you tight and thanked you for everything you've done. Think of all the warm smiles that have grown because of you and of all the tears you've wiped away.

Love. Love yourself, love Trevor, love your family, love your work, love your patients, love the stranger in front of you at the grocery store. Just love!

Don't give up! This is all going to be worth it soon. You didn't feel so exhausted and overwhelmed for nothing - make it count!

Teach grace.
Teach curiosity.
Teach kindness.

Follow your passion - don't for one minute do something that your heart isn't in.

Do yourself a favor - send yourself some flowers tomorrow!

Take care of those you love - and don't forget about yourself. Exercise, eat right, clear your mind.

Above all, live life to the fullest!


  1. LOVE all of those great reminders!!!

    Rebecca @

  2. love this BLOG!

    did you design your blog?!
    Wondering if you'd be interested in swapping buttons....

    hugs - ashley


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