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Back to School Outfits - with Brook

Guys! I'm so excited to introduce you to Brook! She's a sweetheart and has stopped by today to share some great back to school outfits - just in time for school to start for me today! Everyone, this is Brook. Brook, this is everyone!

Hey y'all! I'm Brook from Cutesy Bootsie and I'm thrilled to be here today.  Shout out of thanks to Sara for generously allowing me to guest blog today.  I blog about my life - challenges and victories, things I struggle with or am loving, my little dog George Bailey, or my experiences as an 8th grade teacher.  You can often find me on Pinterest or Twitter where I'm busy pinning and following some of my favorite things - pretty clothes, creative crafts, funky interiors, and innovative teaching ideas.

As we are  in the thick of back to school time, I wanted to share some of my favorite easy to wear outfits with you.
Source: via Brook on Pinterest

I've shared my love for maxi skirts before on my blog.  Love them!

My classroom tends to be freezing.  Or the a/c goes out and then we all sweat and get grumpy.  So I love to layer.  I nearly always have a scarf around someplace to whip around my neck.
Source: via Brook on Pinterest

I would never wear ripped jeans to work (or probably ever anywhere).  But I do think this outfit is darling in a casual yet pulled together way.
Source: via Brook on Pinterest

I would love one of these bags to tote my school supplies.

Time to study!

Source: via Brook on Pinterest
Told you she was pretty great! Head on over to Cutesy Bootsie and follow along with her teacher adventures!


  1. I am new here! and I am loving your blog!

  2. I really love the purple dress!

  3. New here from the friday hop. Your blog is gorgeous! So are those outfits, especially the first one :)
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  4. Oh, I can't wait to be fashionable again... maybe this fall. Not that I am frumpy or anything, but going clothes shopping is almost impossible with a baby girl strapped to you, lol! ;)
    Love all those outfits!


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