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A Little R&R

Today's the big day.
I'm taking The Big Test at 10am - and then running home to pack, grocery shop, pack, clean, pack, and pack because later tonight Trevor and I are headed "up north" to spend a few days at a cottage on a lake.

There's not any internet where we're going. So, while I have posts scheduled, they won't be linked up to where they need to be linked up. Oh well! I'm super excited, though, because my friend Abby will be guest posting on Monday. She's got a fabulous post ready to go! Don't forget to check it out.

I went to the library yesterday and got a whole stack of books. Here's to hoping I can start reading for pleasure again! I'm planning on laying on the end of the dock, getting some sun, and reading a bit between naps. Sounds great, right?! These are the books I picked up - all came recommended. Have you read any of them... are they good?

I'll be back with pictures, less bags under my eyes, and hopefully closer to my husband. We've been working so, so much this summer {read: 60 hour weeks} that we hardly have time to spend together anymore. This mini-vacation is much needed!

We have the fishing poles ready to go.
The grocery lists are long, long, long. We're going to eat well this vacation, I can guarantee you that.
I can almost taste the s'mores already!

I'm sorry in advance if I don't get back to your emails, comments, and love until Monday, but this girl is going to enjoy what's left of her summer!

And to my new readers: WELCOME! I'm incredibly happy to have you. I'll be back to posting more content and less fluff next week. Until then, check out the archives for posts about gardening, what I've been up to this summer, how to save money, and married life!


  1. One for the money is a good book, very funny. I am a new follower from blog working wednesday I would love a follow back at

  2. Have fun, dear! I am a tad bit jealous. ;) I would love to spend a weekend at a cottage at the lake! And good luck this morning!

  3. good luck lady face! my bff is also taking a huge test today. you both will rock it! :)

  4. I really wanna read a Chelsea Handler book, let me know what you think of it. Have a great weekend.


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