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High Five For Friday

This week's H54F won't be linked up to Lauren because I'm totally disconnected from the real world this weekend. Who knows, maybe at this very moment I'm lounging on the dock, book in hand, enjoying the sun... and probably suffering from internet withdrawals.

Anyways, here are my top 5 from this week:

1) My Big Kahuna test is done! Stay tuned to see if I passed :)

2) I'm spending an extended weekend away with Trevor. Even though we're married, we haven't had a lot of time recently to just enjoy each other's company. I'm more than ready to reconnect with him!

3) I had an inspiring patient at work this week. HIPPA protects my patients from me sharing details, so I will leave it at this: I only wish I could have her kind of strength. Also, there was an instance at work on Tuesday that really solidified that I am meant to be where I am. Saving lives never felt so good!

4) I am so thankful I was able to get to the library this week. It had been months since I had last been there and I am always reminded when I go just how much I love reading! I'm a book worm - and a nerdy one at that.

5) I hate to be vague, but this week I've been encouraged about nursing school and my future career. I had a great conversation with my boss, talked to a past classmate who was doing clinicals on my floor, and had a positive conversation with my mom {who is an RN}. All three instances made me feel proud to do what I'm working towards and strengthened my will to make it into the nursing program. I know I can succeed - even if I don't have a life for 12 months. I just feel emotionally uplifted!

...I wonder what it means when 4 out of 5 of my highlights were all emotional. Usually my High Five For Friday posts all have to do with food! Clearly, I've been a bit introspective this week and I'm trying not to let my emotions get the best of me!

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  1. Enjoy your weekend reconnecting with the hubby. Sometimes life really gets in the way. Did you know I used to be the Director of Admissions for a nursing school? Nursing is a calling. You rocked the test...celebrate early!!! Hugs.


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