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Hey guys! I'm not posting here today {except for my post telling you I'm not posting... hm, how is that supposed to work!?} because I'm posting over at Cutesy Bootsie.

She was here last week telling you about her thoughts on fashion for the new school year. Now, I'm over there sharing my fashion loves and a tip or two about how to shop smarter, rather than harder.

I crammed the post full of pictures, my style, sarcasm, and my love of Target. It's definitely in your best interest to go check it out!

Here's a sneak peek:
My Perfect Fall Go-To

I've had the busiest week known to man because I've picked up a shift or two at work and another class started for me. I really hope that things settle down soon and we can get into a routine quickly. I'm mentally and physically exhausted {I slept for 12 hours last night and could have slept more if I didn't drag myself out of bed at 10am}. If you're the praying type, I'd love a few sent our way. I can't share too many details quite yet, but Trevor has a great opportunity through school and we have a few weeks to wait to see what's going to happen. If all goes well, I will break down and cry because we've been holding our breaths for over a year about this. Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated.

Tomorrow I'll post normally again! Hopefully by then the piles of homework and laundry will be done :)

Now get your butt to Cutesy Bootsie!

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  1. Praying for you guys! I LOVE everything about that outfit! Bring on the fall weather. On my way to check out the other post :)


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